joy.April 22 2013, 7:47 PM  by onepearlIt’s been 3


April 22 2013, 7:47 PM  by onepearl

It’s been 3 weeks since being back in Thailand, but it feels like 3 months. Once I got back, I had to find new housing. It was challenging to move alone. After about 7 car trips back and forth, I finally moved in. I’m thankful for my place. It’s small, cozy, just perfect for me. I feel safe here, the commute is half the distance, and I just feel at more peace here. I live in a more developed area so I feel that there’s more of a community around me to get to know. Thanks, Jesus. 

Being back in Thailand this time around is…better than before I left for my trip home to Korea/US. But, it’s still difficult. It’s been a daily surrender. Trusting Jesus that You have me here in Your perfect wisdom and timing. Trusting that I have purpose here. Trusting Your provision for all my needs here. I never thought that the mission field would be the most difficult place of surrender. Honestly, I thought it was before leaving that would be the hardest. The decision to go, saying goodbye to loved ones, leaving comfort, etc. Rather, it’s the decision to stay, being apart from loved ones, living in uncomfort. This is the hardest. I’ve been continually praying for courage. The conviction is there, I need the courage to remain committed. 

Sometimes I question why this year has to be so painful. But deep in my heart, so deep that my mind cannot comprehend but so deep that my spirit knows full well: this pain is not wasted. 

And so, I choose again to press forward. For the joy set before me. I choose to follow You. I choose Christ through all. 


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