marked.May 17 2012, 3:25 PM  by onepearlAfter much waiting…a


May 17 2012, 3:25 PM  by onepearl

After much waiting…a few weeks ago, I found out that I’ve been accepted by the organization I had applied to.

There have been a handful of times in life when I’ve applied for a position, waited, celebrated if there was an acceptance, and was disappointed if there was a rejection.

Externally, this time can be categorized with those other times. But, I know, in every other facet besides the external, this time cannot be grouped with the others. Words don’t suffice in describing such uniqueness of the now compared to the then.

Initially, there was no celebration.

Rather, it was overwhelmingly humbling. Sobering and sombering…in a good way.

The weight of grace was immense.

I am my worst critic. And I know how unfitting, unqualified, and unworthy I am.  But how much more the great I AM can see in me…and yet, what He does see! My Maker sees me as fit, qualified, and worthy. Such grace.

Only by His grace.

The journey ahead is marked in grace upon grace.

This, I am celebrating.


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