the secret place.October 28 2012, 1:09 AM  by onepearlIt’s

the secret place.

October 28 2012, 1:09 AM  by onepearl

It’s been surreal as I’ve tried to wrap my head around where I am. Now. Here. This. 

The past few years, I’ve learned about injustice mostly through research. Learning, inquiring, searching. I am naturally quite curious and find much enjoyment in learning. I always want to learn more, find out the new, seek why, figure out why not, etc. 

As I was confronted by injustice through my inquiring, the Lord taught me to inquire something else: justice. However, not through research. But, Justice through Intercession. In the past few years, the Greatest Intercessor has been teaching me to pray with Him. 

And now, here I am in Thailand doing this…still doing this and much more fervently. 

Many would say that I am on the frontlines. And I do agree with them. The places and people I am encountering in this fight for justice…does thrust me into the frontlines. However, that secretplace of intercession is to not be left in the back. Over and over, Holy Spirit is reminding me of this. The place of prayer is to not be neglected. Rather, it is in this place that I will be thrusted more into the frontlines and also where I will witness the wrong become right. It is in the secret place of prayer that I will learn more about injustice, where I will seek justice more. 

Of the many, many things I am learning…one particular lesson is this: I must be moved about injustice because I am moved to justice.

It is not enough to learn about injustice and do something. Rather, injustice must be approached through justice. I have to learn more about injustice because I know Justice. And the best place for this is the Man of Justice, Himself. Approaching Jesus Christ in prayer will, inevitably, expose me to injustice and to do justice. 

If I’m only inquiring about injustice, at one point or another, I will burn out. But intercession brings me back to that place of truth: Jesus is Justice. And He wins. 


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