understood.November 22 2012, 5:31 PM  by onepearlThis is the


November 22 2012, 5:31 PM  by onepearl

This is the 5th Thanksgiving away from home. This Thanksgiving was quite lonely. In Korea, I had other single friends who were also alone…so we would spend time together. Or at the very least, there was comfort in knowing that others understood the loneliness during the holiday season. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with co-laborers. I’m grateful for my family overseas. But in the midst of fellowship and food, there’s a sense of aloneness that I can’t fully pinpoint or describe. I am finding great comfort in knowing that I am understood by my Jesus. And not only this, but I am so blessed and strengthened knowing that my Sweet Jesus is praying for me. In ways that I cannot fully articulate through words to my friends, He searches my heart. He knows the deep wrestlings, the struggles, the troubles, the pain, the loneliness. He sees it all. He knows it all. He understands it all. And He’s praying for me. He is my Intercessor. Jesus wants to see me through. There are so many attributes about His heart that I love. But in this most recent season, I am falling in love with His relentless affections for me. He knows the messiness of my heart, the complexities buried deep within…and He is not put off by that. He is not irritated, not annoyed, not bothered, not surprised, not overwhelmed, not weary, not frustrated. And I love that He WANTS to see me through. O, how I am loved. These words are life for me: I am loved. Understood is an incredible blessing. Being loved…this is life for my soul. 


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