this evening, i had a heart-to-heart talk with 2 of my favorite thai friends. they are in love with Jesus, in love with their family, and in love with their nation. such a beautiful couple. usually, we are so busy doing ministry in the slums. but tonight, we were able to just talk and share. it was both heart-breaking and inspiring. i am so deeply encouraged by their faithfulness. the way they pour into the kids and families in the slums…simply put, they are the hands and feet of Jesus. we shared about the challenges of working in the slums, the brokenness of the very families we love there, and the overwhelming mountains of poverty/statelessness/alcoholism/drug addiction/and so much more. in response to this, we cried out “Maranatha. Jesus, come.” and likewise, in response to this, we professed how there’s still so many people who don’t know Jesus and how many are yet to be reached.

it was a sweet time of fellowship. sharing the pains and difficulties of loving our neighbors, calling out upon Jesus, and recommitting our lives to Gospel lives.

more often than not, i encounter much hopelessness. whether it’d be people i see on the streets, the stories i read, the cases i hear, hopelessness seems to be everywhere.

but just like how tonight i’m so encouraged by these 2 faithful friends, i remember the hope of the world: the Church.

it’s small but growing. just like a mustard seed. the Kingdom of Heaven is here and is coming.



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