the cost.

my experience here is quite limited, especially compared to the other workers who have been on the field for years and decades. but from my time here, i’m so convicted to see the Church renew its commitment in not only sending missionaries…but how to send them, how to support them. may the Church’s commitment be renewed…for the effectiveness of missions, for the longevity of missionaries, and for the full glory of our Missionary King.

missions is hard.

ever since i knew that i wanted to live on the mission field full-time, i was super engaged with the “missions world”. i went to conferences, followed blogs, talked to missionaries, read biographies, went on many short-term trips, etc. i was well-informed about missions. just as in many other circumstances of life…being informed and being immersed can portray such different reflections.

what i didn’t know is the painful reality of missions…something that can’t be fully articulated at conferences, shared during church presentations, written in biographies, updated on blogs. it’s something that can only be learned while on the mission field. and the painful reality is: costliness. it costs a lot. and though i can try my best to describe what it’s like..i won’t…because to describe it would simply minimize it to mere words. when costs…are so much more than words. but what i would like to convey is that there is much…so much. carrying the cross into an unreached nation and dwelling with the people there…it’s costly. on a personal note, all the more i love my King…that He came to this earth…i celebrate it even more and i thank Him even more. i’ve gotten just a tiny taste of His cross-cultural move…but it’s a taste that forever and permanently marks me with marvel for my Humble King.

most of the time, missions is shared in a light that glamorizes it. truth be told, missions is glamorous…it really is…just like anything else that seeks to bring full glory to the King. but, many times, missions is seen as something that’s hard..but it’s mistaken as a “fun” hard. for example, on short-term trips…it’s hard. but it’s a fun hard…because we know it’s going to be worth it.

to be honest, the difficulties of life on the mission field…sometimes, many times…compel missionaries to question, “is it worth it? is it really worth it?” this isn’t a once-in-awhile question but a very frequent question that’s wrestled through. both single and married missionaries, more often than not, bring these questions before the Lord in tears.

may the Church respond in compassion and gentleness to its co-laborers on the field.

yes, missions is hard.

and yes, it’s worth it.


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