perhaps one of the most notable difference between short-term and long-term missions is that in long-term missions…one stays. and more often than not, it’s not a sweet stay but rather a surrendering stay. on a short-term trip, one has to painfully say goodbye to the visited field. on long-term, one has to painfully stay on the field.

for me, obeying the call to go…this was hard. this required much surrender. it was painful to leave family and friends.

but what i’ve realized is that i must daily surrender to stay. obeying the call to stay is so difficult, perhaps even more than the call to go.

i choose to stay…for the joy set before me.

and while i trust in the joy set before me, this doesn’t negate or minimize the pain of here and now.

but bringing these before my Daddy, i ask that even through the pain…may He use me well here. may my life be poured out for His Name’s sake. may each day, each hour count…that Jesus would be high and lifted up in Thailand.

i go that they may know.

i stay that they may be saved.



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