lately, i’ve been missing my students a lot…the students i taught at the korean high school and the students at the international school. on top of missing my students, i miss being in the classroom. i’m so grateful for the years God gave me to be with them. what a special season. i keep in touch with many of them. it’s so interesting to see where they are now. in the army, job-searching, re-taking the university exam, moved abroad for school, and then my little ones are upperclassmen in high school now. 

i remember praying for my students and praying over my classroom each morning. my deep prayer was that my classroom would be a sanctuary. by His grace, i saw fruit to my prayers. in fact, in my korean school…a group of students and i would gather each morning for morning prayer before school started. there would be some times when i wouldn’t be able to attend but i’d open my classroom for them. and with so zeal, they would continue to meet even without me. 

i started projects regarding injustice. they did research about several injustices around the world, worked on it all semester, and then did a final presentation. i was so proud of each of them. my prayer for them is that they would be men and women who would stand for justice and freedom. and even moreso, that they would know the love relationship Jesus desires with them. 

quarterly, i would “reward” a group of students from each class..so about 75 students in total to an afternoon at dunkin donuts. we would go after school and i would treat them to donuts and drinks. they loved it. i loved it. 

i miss running into them at the bus stop and walking together to school. i miss them coming into my house to ask questions or just babble. i miss even scolding them to not curse. i miss finding out the latest class news. i miss them.


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