as it is.

I was welcomed back to Thailand by mosquitoes, geckos, and immense heat. Life here is so different from America. There’s much to compare. But I’ve been convicted that though the comparisons are much…that all the more, I would be content. It’s incredible just how encouraging Paul’s letters have been to me while on the field. I’m so thankful for forerunners. 

In many ways, I dreaded coming back. The reasons are unending. Missions is hard. Rescuing children and caring for them is messy. Language learning is humbling. Building relationships and loving the people is draining. Yielding to the culture is tiring. Doing life in Thailand is uncomfortable. There’s been much cost to stay here…much more than I thought there would be and it certainly doesn’t go away over time. Through all the loss, remind me that You’re worth it. You’re my Surpassing Worth. And so again, today, I submit to You. 

May my life be used here, poured out in love..for the sake of my Father, by the Holy Spirit, until the Kingdom of God comes, here in Thailand, as it is Heaven.